Where are you located and how do we get there?

Find driving directions on our map page.

Due to the limited number of passengers that we take out, we do not provide a shuttle service which would drive up costs for all and force us to go for quantity of passengers vs. the quality of care for our guests and respect for the wildlife realized with small groups.

Our solution,TheBus! We have found the total transportation time to be similar to, or better than the shuttles spending over an hour on hotel pick-ups. Driving time to our Waianae location is about an hour; time on TheBus (from Ala Moana Shopping Center), is about an hour and a half. We can also help form car pools if do-able, especially for the trip back.

TheBus world-class public transit system costs only $5 round-trip (kids are cheaper or free) to anywhere on Oahu, including Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, and the Aloha Swap Meet. A month-long pass is only $60 per person.

While we do know that you can make it to us on time using TheBus, we also have different departure times and different charters. Please get detailed information on your specific bus departure by calling TheBus Information desk at (808) 848-5555 open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., or inquire by email at custserv@thebus.org,

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Location you are starting from (we suggest a $10 taxi to the Ala Moana Shopping Center hub– to eliminate transfer and any waiting time between hotel bus and the “C” Express leaving from Ala Moana ).
  • Your intended destination – the Waianae (said “Y-N-I”) Intermediate School it’s across the street from the Waianae Boat Harbor.
  • Day and Time you need to get there
  • There is also a DaBus Oahu app, check it out, especially if you opt for the month pass! Try this Bus tool also.

If you plan to ride the bus,please let us know, if your arrival time is very similar to our check-in time. We can give you extra leeway to walk the 5-10 minutes or so it takes to cross the street and get to the boat.

Here’s an invaluable review on why you should always rent a car while on Oahu, along with other great information on things to do Check discount rates and reservations for rental cars here or here (it may be worthwhile to make a comparison). We have found that rental prices tend to drop anywhere from 1-4 weeks before travel. The theory is that most people make reservations when they book air and hotel, i.e. months in advance, and never look back. Hence the high rates for advance bookings (this is also true for airfares these days). So I have often found very good prices as trip dates approach. Of course it is always wise to lock a fully-cancelable rate…